Emilly + Josh

Emilly and Josh fell for each other in 2010 when her and her mother were invited to attend a church service. Emilly remembers sitting close to the asile when Josh walked by and made eye contact with her, and that was it. It was the kind of moment we see in movies, love at first sight. 

The night josh proposed I was a bit annoyed by his tardiness, looking back I assume it was because he was nervous. He told me we were going out to eat and after he picked me up from home he told me he needed to stop by to get a tie at his place first. Already annoyed by him picking me up late I didn’t want to wait any longer. When he got to his place I waited for him in the car. He then texted me to come inside and help him find the right tie for his outfit. I refused at first but later decided to go in only because I needed to use the bathroom. As I walked through his front door I was surprised to find him surrounded by rose petals and lights.
— Emilly

If Emilly and Josh could hold on to anything from this stage in their relationship, it would be their laughter together. They want to look back at the dorky, dumb, and young version of themselves when they are old and stressed and always remember to keep laughter and joy alive in their relationship. They never want to loose sight of those silly moments they treasure the most.