Jenna + Evan | Christmas Session | Memorial Hermann Park

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! We're only 30 days away from Christmas! It's time to bring out the Christmas trees and mistletoes. These two are truly in the Christmas spirit, they were so much fun to photograph. I love the way the holidays seem to bring families together, and slow us down to remember what is really important. Evan made my job easy during this session, Jenna was smiling and giggling the entire time! These two have such a positive energy, their happiness rubs off on you.

Courtney + Robby | Balmorhea Events

While photographing Courtney and Robby's wedding ceremony, I found myself fighting back tears of overwhelming joy and admiration. So much emotion filled the air when they read the wedding vows they wrote for one another. Everything stood still while they professed their very evident and genuine love for one another. The entire day was just beautiful, it was like stepping into a fairytale and being honored enough to watch and document it. Love like theirs; is why I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings! I photographed these images for the lead photographer and my dear friend, Taylor Elizabeth Photography! 

Samantha's Portrait Session | Redding California

Here's to my beautiful friend, and soul sister Sam! I love you and I'm so excited to see where this new journey takes you. You have a heart of gold, and Bethel is lucky to have you! Your future is so bright! I'm excited to watch what God does in your life! So many great things are coming your way!

I was so lucky to make the 32 hour drive to Redding, California with Sam! We packed all her stuff, hopped in the car and drove to her new home! Everything fell right into place for Sam, so many times God confirmed to her that she was living out His plan for her life by financially providing in the CRAZIEST ways, and by placing such incredibly loving people in our path on the way to Bethel, and this is just the beginning for her! 

Go SHINE girl! Show this world what you got! I love you!!!


I had so much fun taking these senior photos with Liz! My very favorite image is the last one in this blog post. I love experimenting with light and I love when my clients allow my creativity to run wild. Liz is a senior at Taylor High School and is currently considering Texas State University. We took these images in the Westheimer area + Memorial Hermann Park, which gave us a lot of variety & of course she is just BEAUTIFUL! :) Enjoy!


This is part 1 of Natasha's portrait session. We went out to Galveston and explored. I've never had a session in Galveston and I don't know why not! It's like a whole other city. I love the colors and textures we found in this spot. Have I mentioned how much I love portrait sessions? I LOVE PORTRAIT SESSIONS! Stay tuned for part 2!

Houston Bridal Session

Talk about a FLAWLESS bride! I'm so thankful to have captured these bridal photos for Norma. She has such a sweet spirit and she was a pleasure to work with. It doesn't look like it but there were mosquitos buzzing all around us and Norma handled it so gracefully. Her husband joined us for this session and was swatting mosquitos, holding things and fixing her dress when needed. He was so helpful and it was so sweet to see how much love they have for one another. It's beautiful to watch gentle and genuine love before your eyes. I've been very blessed with amazing clients. I love the people I've met through photography. I'm super thankful to have worked with such sweet people, I now can call friends.

Hair and make-up by Kim Clark Artistry + Florals by Arte Flora Design


Samantha Lynch is one of my very best friends. On March 30, 2015, she found out her dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I'm going to brag on Sam for a moment, since she would never brag on herself. Her parents both had to quit their jobs immediately in order to fight this battle. Sam didn't think twice about giving up her entire savings to pay their mortgage + utility bills + car insurance + food + all other miscellaneous things like cleaning supplies and doctor's visits. I've been blessed just watching how filled with Jesus Sam is. She's completely selfless and her relationship with God has only grown stronger during this fight. She is a walking testimony of the love of God, Sam is constantly putting herself aside to love on and encourage others. She has a heart for people who are hurt, and are walking through valleys of their own. You will never hear Sam complain about going through her own storm when someone else is in need of love. Watch Sam share her heart and her story in the short film below. 

We will be hosting several benefits to go towards Adam's deductible of $12,700 + Bills + All living expenses for the Lynch family. Stay updated on what's next here - or search #HopeForAdam (If the website is not working yet, it will be soon!)

To donate to Adam's fight -

Emilly + Josh

Emilly and Josh fell for each other in 2010 when her and her mother were invited to attend a church service. Emilly remembers sitting close to the asile when Josh walked by and made eye contact with her, and that was it. It was the kind of moment we see in movies, love at first sight. 

The night josh proposed I was a bit annoyed by his tardiness, looking back I assume it was because he was nervous. He told me we were going out to eat and after he picked me up from home he told me he needed to stop by to get a tie at his place first. Already annoyed by him picking me up late I didn’t want to wait any longer. When he got to his place I waited for him in the car. He then texted me to come inside and help him find the right tie for his outfit. I refused at first but later decided to go in only because I needed to use the bathroom. As I walked through his front door I was surprised to find him surrounded by rose petals and lights.
— Emilly

If Emilly and Josh could hold on to anything from this stage in their relationship, it would be their laughter together. They want to look back at the dorky, dumb, and young version of themselves when they are old and stressed and always remember to keep laughter and joy alive in their relationship. They never want to loose sight of those silly moments they treasure the most. 

Sebastian's Birth Story

Sweet Sebastian was born May 2, 2015 at 4:35 pm. He was 19 inches long and 7 Ibs when he was born. There are no words to describe how happy I am to have captured Sebastian's birth story. Never having witnessed a birth before, I was amazed at the beauty. Although there was pain, the joy was greater. I have always imagined much beauty in birth but seeing it happen before your eyes is nothing short of a miracle and being able to capture that miracle is an honor! On a side note, this mom made birth look easy and her hair looked fabulous! She is what we call, a super mommy! I love telling stories and capturing emotions with photography, and on a day like this one there are so many beautiful emotions going on, more than worthy of being captured and treasured for a lifetime.